Glimmer of Hope (Novella) by JA Andrews #Thriller #CoverReveal #PreOrder

Glimmer of Hope: A psychological thriller novella with a nail-biting ending, is available to pre-order now from Amazon. A short novel as a kindle exclusive will be released on December 1st 2020.

Sometimes chasing a dream can become a nightmare…

Alecia Preen is living in poverty and desperate to make a better life for herself. Having moved to a new area for new beginnings after being disowned by her family, money was fast running out. She is struggling to make ends meet.

With the intention of charging lonely men online for her services, Alecia realises she can supplement her income by being unscrupulous. In meeting Jake Parker he requests that she role-plays as a psychiatrist, but he makes her aware of an underground millionaires playground called Sordida. He warns her to stay away.

As Alecia’s curiosity gets the better of her, she is amazed by the wealth and decadence on offer. Sordida is not the club she had anticipated because behind the legendary name lurks a very dark secret. A secret that could cost her everything.

He pays by the hour and Alecia pays in ways she had never imagined.

A gripping thriller novella with a nail-biting twist. Readers of K.L. Slater and T.M. Logan will not be able to put this one down.

Glimmer of Hope, was originally self-published as a full-length novel titled Sordida in 2018. Having been rewritten, and extensively re-edited, it is now an improved shorter novel under the thriller genre. JA Andrews next full length commercial psychological thriller is still in the editing stages with a hoped release for 2021.

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