I Let Her Go – My fourth thriller is released August 10 2021

My lockdown 2020 writing project is being released this Summer on digital platforms (ebook/Audio) as published by SAGA Egmont. I Let Her Go, is centred on a missing girl named Amber, who vanished in Settle Creek. As a body is found fifteen years after her disappearance, those closest around her have secrets to hide. Some secrets should have stayed buried…

Inspired by my childhood playground near my grandparent’s house, Ernesettle Creek. I enjoyed writing this psychological thriller and I am excited for SAGA Egmont to bring it to readers and listeners across many audiobook streaming and ebook platforms.

Lucy Mitchell had a troubled past, was abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself in foster care. This is where she met Amber and Josh, but living in a strict foster home brought fears of its own. Fears that brought Amber and Lucy closer together.

Amber and Lucy formed a pact. They said they would be friends for life and often found solace in the local woods to escape from their foster carer, Linda. This was a place they used to hide together, but when only one girl had returned from the woods, the note said Amber had run away.

Fifteen years later and Lucy is planning the wedding of her dreams with Josh until a body is found, then the trauma of Lucy’s past comes back to haunt her.

Tensions mount as Lucy, Josh and Linda all have secrets to hide and distrust makes them question each others story around Ambers disappearance. As the body’s identity is soon to be exposed, life for Lucy takes a terrifying turn for the worst.

The note says Lucy is next! A gripping and suspenseful thriller that fans of K.L. Slater, B.A. Paris and T.M Logan won’t be able to put down.

I LET HER GO – is released August 10th 2021, across major audiobook streaming services, and digital ebook platforms.

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