Mummy’s Boy Blog Tour Round-Up

My debut psychological thriller, Mummy’s Boy, released on April 1st 2020 has received a flurry of positive reviews across the web, but with the Blog Tour that coincided with its release, here are some summaries from the week.

April 1st 2020:

Nicki’s Book Blog:

This is rather a dark tale at times and anyone who has had a controlling parent may find it bringing back memories. That said I admired Andrew for what he did (I’m not giving anything away by saying that) and only wish that I too had made that step. An interesting read and a clever plot written very well...

(e)Book Nerd:

The characters are really well drawn and we get to see into their innermost thoughts, which was fun, since you’re not sure who to trust or who is telling the truth at first. And the author does a great job of just letting a character “slip in” a bombshell here and there – it’s really great fun for a thriller!

Melanies Reads:

I loved the character of the watcher and her narration was by far my favourite. Who is she? How does she know so much about this family? So much to be revealed and trust me you will keep reading until you get the answers behind the mystery...

April 2nd 2020:

Readers Retreat:

This in many ways sounds a lot like a whole plethora of other domestic-based thrillers where a missing child is at the centre of the plot, but I thought it was written in such a way that it captures your attention from the outset, holds onto it throughout and spins a yarn filled with exciting developments and chilling, twisty surprises better than some similar books...

Jessica Belmont:

JA Andrews has written a suspenseful mystery with an atmosphere of dread that sucked me right in. I read this in one sitting and let me just say, this deserves all 5 stars. There wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat…

April 3rd 2020:

Shalini’s Books and Reviews:

The second half was more about each secret being revealed with layers of the past and what really happened. I could feel slight pathos for all the characters as each step of their past led to the darkness of their minds, to expand and surround and finally vanquish those they loved. A good side of the human psyche and the dark abyss of self destruction was shown by the author…

Dash Fan Book Reviews:

Mummy’s Boy is a debut novel and I have to say you wouldn’t of known. It was really well written. It was a gripping, slightly dark, domestic psychological thriller that is full of secrets, deceit, abuse, obsession and some well placed twists. The characters were well developed, flawed and complex which fitted really well with the plot...

April 4th 2020:

Nicki’s Life of Crime:

This is a well written tale of manipulation, revenge, abuse, control and mental health that keeps the reader guessing, pulls at your heart strings and plays with your emotions. I will be honest and admit that it did take me a while to get into this book due to the plot containing some personal triggers. But once my anxieties had settled down, I found that it was a very enjoyable read…

Bookish Jottings:

With more twists than a rollercoaster, Mummy’s Boy is a nerve-twisting and gut-wrenching thriller that is brilliantly plotted and so wonderfully layered readers will have absolutely no clue about what is going to happen next. J A Andrews knows how to ratchet up the tension and amp up the suspense and his twisted and terrifying narrative will have readers on the edge of their seats almost too scared to turn the pages...

April 5th 2020:


This had been a dark and gripping psychological thriller, the slow burning and fear will be present during all the story; the need to know about the truth and discover all the lies hidden in the past will make any reader addicted to the story. Because the Mummy’s Boy is not a sweet and lovely story, it is dark, twisted and ready to enter to your life. Are you prepared?

Herding Cats:

I honestly couldn’t put this down.  The plot picks up pace very quickly but reveals information in little dribbles in order to keep the suspense high.  It’s a brilliant thriller and I highly recommend...

April 6th 2020:

Although I found the beginning to be a little too slow paced for me, I am glad I carried on reading, as Mummy’s Boy is a dark, psychological thriller which was well written, the clues that were given, were well done and I was really intrigued to find out who the watcher was, no spoilers…


Such a good, psychological thriller, really kept me reading, if only to solve the mysteries within these people. Just like life, you never really know whats going on behind closed doors! Bringing delicate subjects to the fore, manipulation, abuse, control and also mental health issues, which are very much a part of society, but still rarely ever talked about…

Donna’s Book Blog:

I thought that the characters were well developed, I can only imagine what it must be like to have a child go missing it is something I would never wish to experience and I think the author did a great job getting over the thoughts and feelings of the characters.  I must admit that the chapters featuring The Watcher were the ones that really made the story for me…

April 7th 2020:

Once Upon a Time Book Blog:

Mummy’s Boy is a dark and chilling read that will have you reading well into the night. Just one more chapter I found myself saying, which turned into another then another until there was no more left! It is an addictive psychological thriller but does deal with the sensitive issues, of alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide and physical abuse which may be triggers for some readers…

Heidi Lynn Book Reviews:

I loved this book from the prologue when she was so happy to have the baby and love just poured out for him. My heart just melted for Trish!
Then the book jumps to modern day and you learn Andrew ran away and never came home! For most of the book my heart ached for Trish. However, her true colors were revealed as you went deeper into the book. Oh the twists and turns in this book were shocking, mind blowing, and devastating for all of those involved!!

April 8th 2020:

By the Letter Book Reviews:

Mummy’s Boy is the authors debut novel and as debut’s go, this is a darn good one. It’s a dark and tense read, of which the author had no problem pulling me into the story and keeping me there. There are some nice little twists that gives the reader bursts of adrenaline rushes as they take them in. Highly recommended…

Many thanks to my publisher, HERA, and @BOTBSPUBLICITY for organising the Blog Tour.

Mummy’s Boy is available to purchase now digitally on Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Kobo

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