My Author Journey So Far

It is currently 23rd November 2019 and I realised I haven’t posted anything in weeks. I thought I would share more information on my author journey so far because a whole lot of writing has taken up my spare time.

During October it was announced that I signed a two-book deal with Hera, who was the first publisher I had sent an almost-completed first draft too of my first full-length thriller novel. This novel ended in a completely different way to the original concept. The work-in-progress was titled The Consequence, then as it grew darker and more sinister, Behind Closed Doors, but now that it is complete and in the hands of the publisher – I am hoping for a new title that emphasises the dark, psychological scenes it contains. I am yet to work on the edits, but the book is due for release early in 2020.

Now that I have a publisher under my belt who is willing to work with me to publish another thriller novel for 2020…so that is TWO coming out next year, I decided to join the Crime Writers Association, and eventually, I intend to get more involved with their events, magazines and anything author related.

Paris 2019

Talking of the second book for 2020, I can hardly believe that I am 50,000 words in already when I started this September 2019. I have a way to go before completion because, for me, a first draft is an initial concept of putting the story out on paper. It is my interpretation of the events and scene by scene. Once completed at over 80,000 words for this one, I will then re-read and shape each chapter accordingly. The second draft is an improved wording, more depth to the characters, insert/delete scenes until the story takes a better shape and flow. I will then submit to my publisher for the commencement of the editing process before publication towards the latter part of 2020.

I manage to cram writing time in between working full time, (despite a week away in Paris, and before that Seville) socialising and visiting family, but it seems to be working better with a structured plan. I learnt a lot from the writing process and have improved how I structure the completion. With a clear story from a better synopsis – I intend to now write two novels a year instead of one.

I hope to share the final titles and cover’s in due course.

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