My Book Deal with SAGA Egmont

Following on from publishing my two novels last year with HERA (Mummy’s Boy | You Let Him In), I am now pleased to have been signed with SAGA Egmont in an initial two-book deal. They will publish my next two novels in ebook, audiobook, and potentially print run in the near future.

The first novel under the new deal is I Let Her Go, a novel about the relationship of two young girls (Lucy and Amber) in foster care, and their tight bonds through living in fear, but Amber goes missing – a note says she ran away. 15 years later, a body is found in the local woods and all who knew the missing girl question their stories and motives. Life for Lucy takes a terrifying turn for the worst, the note says Lucy is next…

The second novel is a work in progress titled, Behind The Smile, a story that centres on the relationship of two people living busy urban lifestyles, but Grace’s husbands new assistant seems to be everywhere she turns. Convinced she’s after her husband’s attention, Grace is determined to find the truth behind the assistant’s motives. On a journey of self-discovery, Grace realises that her husband has told the children she’s died, her friends have all disowned her and the truth has devastating consequences for everyone…

I am thrilled that SAGA Egmont, a leading digital publisher in Europe has taken these two thrilling stories under their wing, and I hope that you will get to enjoy them very soon. I Let Her Go, is scheduled for a NetGalley preview on June 17th for one month, and a Blog Tour starting from August 2nd – August 8th 2021. Behind The Smile, has not yet been dated for a release.

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