When is my next thriller coming out? I’m being asked

A common question I am being asked on social media, from those who know me, and others who have read my previous novels is: when is my next thriller being released?

The answer to that is… I do not know. I can, however, give an update on its progress.

My debut thriller was Mummy’s Boy, followed by You Let Him In. Both of these novels were released by HERA (now owned by Canelo) in 2020. These two were followed up with I Let Her Go, and Behind Her Smile, in 2021 both published by SAGA Egmont. My current work in progress with a working title of, Mother Knows Best, currently stands at nearly 50K words with an 84K target to reach. I am writing this mother-in-law from hell thriller out of contract and will pitch it to agents and publishers in the year.

During the time from when I started writing it in October 2021, I have had to endure a heavy demanding role in my day job that is affected by Covid. I’ve even had covid recently and always tend to struggle to find time to write during the dark nights. Now that Spring is upon us, lighter evenings, the day job is less demanding, I am starting to pick up the pace again on the writing front.

With four commercial novels available across a mix of formats (Paperback/Audio/Ebook) and a self-published novella, Glimmer of Hope – I am hopeful that my next novel will find its way into the publishing world when it’s complete. I have many ideas for the novel after that too because generally book deals are for two manuscripts.

As soon as I know anything, or have more to share – you’ll hear about it here on my website, or on my twitter feed.

Thank you.

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