You Let Him In Blog Tour Round-Up

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Released digitally first on August 19th 2020, and coinciding with a Blog Tour that ran for 7 consecutive days, below are my favourite summaries and links to the full reviews. A huge thank you to everyone for their views.

August 19th 2020

Once Upon a Time Book Blog:

J.A. has put together a well plotted story that has all the key ingredients that make up a great psychological thriller. It includes the perfect mix of secrets, lies, deceit, suspense and with a generous sprinkling of twists and turns along the way, makes this such an enjoyable read.

Melanie’s Reads:

Right from the start you are intrigued by the secrets that Michael is keeping from Jenny and wondering what the hell he has got himself in to and this has an absolute killer of a prologue.

Surjit’s Book Blog:

JA Andrew’s writing is truly unbelievable, loved how he has written a story, that is so fast paced and gripping, had me turning the pages. A well written story, that will take you on a path of revenge and dark secrets…

August 20th 2020

Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews:

WOW!! I thought Mummy Boy was good but J.A. Andrews second novel brought You Let Him to a whole new level!!! It was very suspenseful, thrilling, heartbreaking, and a very intense climatic ending that stunned me.

Cheeky Pee Reads and Reviews:

Jenny is married to Michael and they have a son called David. She is left devastated when he dies. A friendship starts up between Jenny and Gary who stayed with Michael when he was dying. Michael has left plenty of secrets behind. A definite page turner. Can’t wait to read more from this author.

The P.Turners Book Blog:

We are quickly thrown into the action with this story, and I found the pace did not slow down. I loved the characters, even if I did get frustrated with Jenny for not seeing what was infront of her face. (Readers perspective, being able to see the bigger picture, where the characters cannot) 

August 21st 2020

Shalini’s Books and Reviews:

I read most of the book with bated breath waiting for the massive twist which I was sure was just right the corner. Author J. A. Andrews managed to capture my senses, in curiosity and anticipation.

Bookish Jottings:

J A Andrews builds up suspense and tension so brilliantly that you find yourself eagerly turning the pages even if you are reading You Let Him In in the middle of the night. An exquisitely paced chiller that delivers all the shocking twists, spills and surprises which we love about this genre, You Let Him In is a nail-biting tale of deceit, vengeance and obsession best read with the light on.

Nicki’s Life of Crime:

This is a captivating tale of relationships, grief, families, manipulation and deception that builds in intensity as the story unfolded. A chilling sense of foreboding permeates the pages as the relevant players were manouvered into position and the shocking truth was finally revealed. This is the second thriller by this talented author that I have read recently and I look forward to reading more of this author’s books in the future.

August 22nd 2020

Jessica Belmont:

You Let Him In is a gripping novel with secrets, lies, and enough suspense to keep you glued to your seat. I absolutely loved the plot. I think the pacing was perfect, and the twists and turns came when I was not ready, which was awesome.

Between the Pages Book Club:

Wow. Okay. I’m still trying to get over that ending… The story is told through each of the characters Michael, Jenny, Gary and Donna. From the start you could tell something wasn’t right, something being hidden. I was drawn in. Intrigued. A gripping start.

August 23rd 2020

Little Miss Book Lover 87:

The book is told from multiple points of view, which is often nice as you really get a feel for the individual characters. This has been a quick and easy read which I haven’t wanted to put down. The author is extremely talented and I have been completely engaged by this one.

Ginger Book Geek:

I felt as though I was though I was part of the story myself and that’s down to this author’s very vivid and realistic storytelling. ‘You Let Him In’ certainly kept me guessing and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Jessica Map Reviews:

Multiple perspectives, twists and turns, and characters you aren’t sure you can trust. I loved the writing and would highly recommend this to those that want a quick and easy thriller. Perfect for those new to the genre! This was my first book by Andrews and it certainly won’t be my last.

August 24th 2020

Nicki’s Book Blog:

I very quickly got into this and whilst Jenny was rather naive in the marriage I did feel for her finding out such things when she was grieving. A clever and well thought out read with a couple of suspicious not- so -nice characters which came across very well. A thoroughly enjoyable read.


This is a gripping thriller that starts with what appears to have been a terrible accident that brings Gary into the lives of widowed Jenny and her son Daniel. As Jenny struggles to cope with Michael’s sudden death and overbearing mother, Gary becomes a friend, someone she can talk to about her grief. But Gary is not who he seems.

Donna’s Book Blog:

The book I thought was well planned out and the story was really good.  It was a little slow to start for me compared to some of the other books in this genre but for me that did suit the plotline and I was soon invested in to the story.

August 25th 2020 Blog:

I loved Jenny and I felt sorry for her for various reasons. Although I had my suspicions on one of the characters, I won’t say which one, I loved the gripping storyline that unfolded about Michael, her beloved husband. It was a gripping read and definitely one you can’t put down.


I find the author’s storytelling is realistic and very vivid to the point that I almost feel like I’m part of the story myself. It is a slower-paced book which helped the tension to climb as the story develops. ‘You Let Him In’ definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing throughout.

Cathy’s World:

I enjoyed the way the story was revealed a bit at a time. Reading their story, I realized how easily a couple could fall into a pattern like the couple did in this book. I believe some will be of the opinion that a contemporary woman would not be as blind or gullible as Jenny seemed to be BUT would we really be able to see as well if we were experiencing rather than reading about this situation? You ask what situation? Well…you will have to read the book to find out as I can’t tell you too much or it will ruin the read for you.

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