Glimmer of Hope is free on Kindle until Dec 31

Glimmer of Hope, my thriller novella is free on Kindle until December 31st 2020. Described as Fifty Shades, meets Hostel, it’s a short risqué story at approximately 60,000 words (my full length works are usually over 80,000) to give an example of story length.

If you don’t have a kindle, you can (if you wish) buy it in paperback or audiobook versions. UK Link / US Link for audible should you choose to sign up and use your credits for Glimmer of Hope.

Early reviewers praise for Glimmer of Hope:

Glimmer of Hope by J.A Andrews is a little different to his psychological thrillers that I have read previously. Saying that, it doesn’t mean it is any less addictive for me anyway. This book is more on the edge, by that I mean he has created a thriller that is exciting and entertaining by being risque. Reader Review

I’m not a huge reader of erotica but the sexual aspect of the novel was done brilliantly, and it fit well within the plot. It was not gratuitous and unnecessary and for me it played like scenes from a saucy film. The swinging scene is an unusual topic for a mainstream novel, and I found it fascinating and enthralling. A gripping and fast paced thriller that is hard to put down and will have you gripped until the ending, which is well worth the wait. Reader Review

What a wonderful read Glimmer of Hope was. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout. It was well paced with so many twists and turns it kept your attention all the way through. Reader Review

This is a departure from the straight psychological thrillers this author writes from what I have seen, but the sexual aspects were interval to the plot and not just for the sake of a sex scene. It was a quick read at just over 200 pages and one I read in a day.  Reader Review

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