#Lockdown #AmEditing Progress on #Thriller 2

On May 9th 2020 I should have been sailing off down the Mediterranean from Southampton docks as part of a two-week cruise holiday with PO Cruises to celebrate my 40th birthday (it was May 16th), instead following cancellation of the holiday due to Covid-19, and that I had all this time off work, I devoted it to structural edits on my upcoming second thriller.

I submitted the first finalised draft of the complete story in February, which also was the first time I had written a complete novel in a six month window since the two-book deal with Hera last year. Re-reading your own work after such a long break can be an eye opener, and of course, a first draft is only the beginning. With my editor returning suggestions, potential flaws, improvement ideas, I devoted as much time as I could mentally allow on a daily basis to edit and shape up book two in as good as condition ready for the next stage, copy-edits. Then will come more work to ensure it’s as clean and as great as can be, and further finalised by a proof-read.

I must have culled 15,000 words, re-worded hundreds of sentences, removed repetitions and included two new chapters to draw readers into the mystery of the story. The bones of the story needed improving and with a break away from it, fresh eyes and editor suggestions, it’s easier to see your flaws, crutch words, past and present tense improvements. I wont give away any spoilers, but the ending had me on the edge of my seat. I was reading my own words and practically sweating with the scene that was unfolding. I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on it, and I am determined to work hard.

I didn’t book two syndrome was a ‘thing’ until I had contacted other authors on social media. I’m petrified following the good reviews of ‘Mummy’s Boy’ that my next one wouldn’t live up to expectations. I’ve realised many authors struggle with book two, but I am pleased to say, I don’t have this with book three ideas, in fact I have the next two outlined already. It’s also thanks to reviews that keep me positive. I’ve read almost all of them to date and realise too that everyone’s expectations from a novel are different. Readers have been very kind to me so far, and here’s hoping the next book is enjoyed just as much…

I’ll keep you posted…and hopefully I get to have that cruise another time…

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